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Our Campaign's Mission Statement

Our Campaign's Mission


Our campaign's thought leadership focuses on the People of the Hudson Valley. Our beautiful community that runs adjacent to the Hudson River is sacred. The people of the Hudson Valley have seen industries emerge and fail as time goes on. We've seen farms that were the staples of communities become abandoned, industries such as the explosive or rock mining industries vanish and service oriented businesses emerge in the last 3 decades. The Hudson Valley has become a hidden gem in New York, known for its local businesses and natural attractions such a hiking or kayaking. As commercial industries continue to make the Hudson Valley their home, our leadership style ensure that the People of the Hudson Valley are put first. Our mission of Inspirational Compassionate Leadership is more than a slogan. It is our campaign's commitment to the People of the Hudson Valley!



We seek to inspire future generations through decision making that provides hope, resources and the tools to create socially responsible leaders. Our future is only as secure as the next generation. Ensuring our children and young adults have the tools they need to succeed is a mission we have a the heart of our campaign. Focusing on the school to prison pipeline that is currently happening in Poughkeepsie to the Heroin Epidemic that is hurting the entire Hudson Valley Region and even the energy plant that is being built across the street from an elementary school in Cricket Valley, New York. While these are just a few ways the current state leadership is failing our people. Our campaign is focusing on mental health reform, jail reform, and technological innovation such as clean energy and vertical farming to bring back vitality to the Hudson Valley.




We demonstrate compassion for the diverse struggles, trials, traumas and stories that everyone of the Hudson Valley has. We firmly believe that through compassionate leadership, one that focuses on mental and emotional wellbeing is what will heal the wounds and strengthen the vulnerabilities of people in the Hudson Valley Region. Our current leadership demonstrates very strong establishment ties typically voting in favor of the funding organizations and putting organizational interests ahead of our people. This has been shown to be a theme with the Dutchess County Jail Expansion, Cricket Valley Energy and Domestic Violence Offenders being able to access weapons, are just a few issues that place our community as risk. Through compassionate leadership our campaign's goal is to re-direct the conversation on scaling the mental health sector through collaboration with the private sector. We believe in providing tax breaks to the private sector for organizations that can scale, modernize, treat and increase quality of mental health to all the people of the Hudson Valley. The Hudson Valley Mental Health Initiative is our compassionate step forward to problem solving. We believe a healthy community creates more productive workers and happier families who are focused on achieving their dreams. 


Sustainable Leadership

Our sustainable leadership model focuses on long term meaningful gains, while managing risk and rewards accordingly. We believe that results need to positively impact the people of the Hudson Valley. Our community is diverse in its landscape, its economies and its people. Our leadership must focus on creating sustainable economies that are focused on growth and development of each unique area with in the Hudson Valley while maintaining a sense of mindfulness for each area and the uniqueness it provides to our region. Our thought leadership focuses on problem solving through sustainable methods that lead to the people of the Hudson Valley increasing their standard of living. We believe dialing in on mental health is the step we need to take in the right direction. 


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