Our Campaign's Mission Statement

Our campaign's Mission

Our Military Sexual Trauma Movement is debuting across the country January 19th 2019 at the Women's March. Our movement seeks to create awareness about our Military Sexual Trauma veterans. Our MST veterans are left unnamed. MST Veterans are homeless at double the rate of any other class of veteran including combat veterans. 62% of us in the MST community have been retaliated and had our benefits pulled as a result of reporting sexual violence to our Chains of Command (COC). Many MST veterans are forced in to the sex and drug trades as a means of survival. Many unable to make it out. While many corporations and elected officials across the United States claim to be allies, they are using us as pawns for their self interest. 

Now, our MST Movement Courageous Leaders are rising up across the Nation to create a new future. March with our Female Marines who are leading the way to challenge and oppose the United States Government's Military Human Rights violations against service members. We are tired of them hiding this atrocity from the media, elected officials and the United Nations. Our MST Movement Founding Leaders have signed our Military Sexual Trauma Victim's Bill of Rights. Now, we are urging influential leaders, Corp PACs and elected officials to sign on and support our movement. We are working towards petitioning the United States Government to change the laws.

We need the American public to join us and support our Military Sexual Trauma veterans. On January 19th, 2019, we are writing a new future, one of progress, inspiration and compassion. One where we save the lives of the most vulnerable veterans. The ones who are retaliated against for speaking up and out. We are writing a new future one where our active duty service members across the nation serve free of sexual violence. 



We demonstrate compassion for the diverse struggles, trials, traumas and stories that everyone of our Military Sexual Trauma veterans face. Our leadership has built a community in which we work to heal and provide empathetic leadership and support to our fellow veterans both male and female. We built and developed the first co-ed MST veteran community. Through our leadership we have helped many veterans who has lost benefits and rights to the VA Mental Health program access and navigate the VA system through our mentorship program. Now, our leadership is fighting back against a corrupt United States Government who has committed Military Human Rights violations against Military Sexual Trauma veterans. In out MST Victims Bill of Rights are a set of demands and standards that elevate and hold military leadership accountable while creating processes that are compassionate towards our MST service members and veterans. 



Our thought leadership is grounded in writing and creating an inspiring future. Our movement leadership is the first Military Human Rights Movement in the United States of America. We are asking Americans like you to make history with us on January 19th 2019.  Our vision is to create the strongest unified voice across the United States. We are committed to investing the rest of our lives moving the establishment to implement the MST Victims Bill of Rights. We work to denounce and remove elected officials from office and Corporate PACs who publicize that they help veterans when they have denied our MST veterans the ones who need benefits the most. Corporate PACs that fund elected officials who have voted against MST protections will be denounced publicly. We believe that Corporate and elected officials brands need to align their marketing and values to their real world actions. This is just one of the ways we are fighting to protect our Military Sexual Trauma veterans.

Sign our petition to demand that congress enact our Military Sexual Trauma Victims Bill of Rights