MST Movement March National Debut


Bolder and Braver

We are debuting the Military Sexual Trauma (MST) Movement at the 2019 Women's March. On January 19th, 2019 as women across the country gather together and march for various issues that affect the lives of women; female veterans and service members are joining this year's women's march to STOP MST.  

Why We March:

We are marching to create awareness and inspire veterans, service members, family, friends and community members to join us. Females have a 1 in 4 chance of becoming a MST Victim. The United States Marine Corps. has the highest rate of MST per capita. While MST is a women's issue, male service members are much more likely to experience sexual violence at a much higher rate than their male civilian counterparts. 62% of active duty personnel who report sexual violence are retaliated against. MST Veterans are 2X more likely to experience homelessness than any other class of veterans. We are marching to show our presence and the strength of our unified voice; across the nation; the one WE PROUDLY SERVED! Under one movement because together we can make a difference. This march is just the first step in taking charge of our future. One where we write a new story together, one of progress, inspiration and compassion. One where our young men and women serve in a military free of sexual violence. One where our Female Marine Corps. Veterans lead the nation. 


How To Get Involved:

1. Sign up at the volunteer page. CLICK HERE

2. Contact your city's Courageous Leader. Find your Courageous Leader

3. Invite & Inspire someone to come with you. 

4. Purchase movement merch(andise). CLICK HERE

5. Wear the color RED to represent MST Movement Color.

6. Create a MST Movement Poster. Be Creative. This is why I march! Use movement slogans and hashtags in the signs. 

7. Slogans: "I blossomed in to beauty, I blossomed in to bravery" "I nourish my pain, I nourish those left unnamed" "I flourish under fire, I flourish under flames" 

8. Movement hashtags: #yourcoloryoucause #STOPMST #MilitaryMeToo #MSTMarch #MSTMovement My personal favorite: #FMStrong 

9. Join our email list for other MST related events CLICK HERE

10. Donate. We need money to continue to raise awareness and to FIGHT BACK. We will be PETITIONING THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT and ALL OTHER GOVERNMENT AGENCIES to STOP MST by creating the MST Victims Bill of Rights. Join our fight! Join us in writing a new future and make history! We need 1 million signatures as fast as possible. By donating you will help us achieve our goal of raising the money we need to effect change for our young men and women entering the military. Donate Here

11. Take pictures of you and your teams at all of the cities across the United States. Don't forget your to get your signs in there! 

12. When you post on social media, use hash tags and slogans. 

13. Post to our facebook events page.  Post Here

14. If you want your march to be apart of the commercial, please have someone take a 10 to 30 second video of you marching with your poster. You can do one completing the sentence: I march because MST... is personal, insert a static, a statement or just you marching with you poster. We need to be able to see your poster! 

15. Send in the photos and videos to Janelle Marina Mendez, Founder and National Courageous Leader.

16. Here is my story and this is why I am marching! Feel free to share your story in the blog post in the comments section or if you want to write a blog to be featured please let me know. Janelle Marina Mendez's This is Why I March


Thank you for joining us in standing up together. 


Military Sexual Trauma Movement Leader & Founder



P.S. Enjoy your holiday season with your loved ones. Turn your pain in to purpose on January 19th 2018. The day we will be taking charge of our future and making history! 

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